At Yanbu Technical Institute (YTI), we committed to develop skills and knowledge to pursue opportunities in many of today’s promising career fields. This will including chemical process technology, mechanical, electronics, electrical, instrumentation, drafting and design, business, information technology, basic skills as well as incubation and supply chain for the workplace. Our programs develop skills and knowledge in practical ways through in class, laboratory workshops, and work-integrated learning that can be used to launch the student's career in the global technology-driven market and industry. The academic content is taught through applied learning, and hence a significant portion of training time is devoted to practical skills-development in a lab environment. With considerable time spent in world-class laboratories with excellent trainers, YTI students are encouraged to apply what was taught in the classroom and see for themselves how, why and what makes things work in the industry and the workplace. An opportunity to engage in hands-on competency-based education prepares the student for the competitive job market. 

YTI appreciates the value of the local industry and works hand-in-hand with them, as we assist them by giving real industry-needed skills to their employees, as well as listening to them as we constantly update our curriculum and training focus. We are partners with industry and value their inputs to make our programs increasingly relevant and cutting-edge. Representatives of local businesses and employers periodically help assess and update our curricula, equipment, and laboratory design. YTI is technology-focused, where the emphasis is placed on helping students develop skills and knowledge in technical areas that can have practical value in the workplace. Besides technical instruction, the programs of study offered here to focus on helping students develop problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. Yanbu’s vibrant location in a modern industrial city on the western Red Sea Coast, with a beautiful layout and excellent city facilities, makes it an excellent city for focused learning. Yanbu Industrial City is a beehive of steady industrial activity and home to a multitude of small and large organizations that provide opportunities for employment and internships for our students. Students who have excelled in their courses will find it much easier to find employment both in Yanbu itself – a growing industrial hub city – as well as elsewhere within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Spread over 33,000 square feet with a capacity to accommodate 1,500 trainees at a time, YTI provides an opportunity to transform and mold with relevant industry-needed technical skills and an open vision. The institute has  excellent technical workshops with state-of-the-art equipment in line with the industrial standards giving students up-to-date skills and know-how. A team of experienced trainers is skilled in imparting and transferring needed skills to the learners, and use the resources of the laboratory to train and equip students. YTI has smart classrooms, and labs with modern facilities providing a conducive learning environment and this include five large buildings with 19 computer labs, 12 large workshops (averaging 350 m2 each), 34 smart classrooms, 14 laboratories, over 50 skills trainers which excellent qualifications & know-how, two VIP conference venues, and two brand-new theaters for conferences and seminars.