Mechanical Skills Department imparts strong technical skills to its trainees, to make them professionally skilled technicians and operators. Mechanical Skills Department provides in-depth practical training to the trainees in their respective areas and enhance them for the employment in different range of industries like- Petroleum refineries, steel processing, mining, power generation, maintenance and manufacturing, design and drafting, food and beverage and water treatment plants. Our team of specialist educators, work closely with industry experts to prepare the curriculum. The programs offered emphasis on the requirement of understanding how to identify a technical problem, determine potential causes, and utilize available resources in narrowing down on a solution. The department is equipped with the state-of- the-art machinery and software in their workshops and laboratories.

The Workshops and laboratories of Mechanical Skills Department are-

  • CNC and Machining Workshop with virtual lab
  • Heavy Equipment Workshop with advanced simulators
  • NDT and Condition Monitoring Workshop
  • Conventional and Advanced Welding Workshop
  • Mechanical Maintenance Workshop
  • Plant Operation Workshop
  • Rigging and Scaffolding Workshop
  • Pipefitting Workshop
  • CADD Lab.
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics Lab.


Mechanical Skills Department is offering 13 programs in different areas like-

1) Industrial Condition Monitoring Technician (ICMT)

2) Industrial CNC Operator (ICNO)

3) Industrial Drawing Technician (IDRT)

4) Industrial Welding Technician (IWDT)

5) Industrial Forklift and Crane Operator (IFCO)

6) Industrial Tower Crane Operator (ITCO)

7) Industrial Heavy Equipment Operator (IHEO)

8) Industrial Heavy Equipment Technician (IHET)

9) Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Technician (IMMT)

10) Industrial Machine Shop Technician (IMST)

11) Industrial Non Destructive Testing Technician (INDT)

12) Industrial Pipefitting Technician (IPFT)

13) Industrial Plant Maintenance Technician (IPMT)


The technical level programs offered at Mechanical Skills Department are focused to develop skills, ability and knowledge in their respective areas. The techniques and skills in Condition Monitoring, Design & Drafting, Welding, Mechanical Maintenance, Pipefitting, Plant Maintenance and Non Destructive Testing enables the trainees to fit in their jobs with up-to- date knowledge. The Heavy Equipment Operators of Forklift, Mobile & Tower Cranes and other heavy earth moving machines are being trained through latest Simulators along with the actual real time work field operating experience. Mechanical Skills Department also offers Certification programs in the areas like NDT, Welding and Design & Drafting.