تضم كليات و معاهد الهيئة الملكية بينبع مجموعة من التخصصات الهندسية الرائدة و تخصصات علوم الحاسوب و إدارة الأعمال للذكور و الإناث. مازالت المجموعة مستمرة في استقطاب ألمع و أفضل الطلاب و الموظفين. الوقت يتغير و لكن رغبتنا في تحفيزك و و مساعدتك في تحقيق إمكانياتك الكاملة من خلال الدرجات العلمية سواءً البكالوريوس أو الدبلوم و برامج التدريب المهنية التي ما تزال قوية كما هو الحال دائماً.

الأقسام و البرامج

الأقسام الأكاديمية لكليات و معاهد الهيئة الملكية بينبع مرتبة على حسب الكلية و بداخل كل قسم توجد الدرجات الممنوحة من قبله

تفاصيل عن البرنامج التحضيري

The Department of Chemical Engineering Technology offers unique instructional programs at its Associate (Process Operation and Chemical Analysis Technology Program)and Bachelor (Chemical Engineering Technology Program) levels, of extra-ordinary quality, which blends Chemical Engineering and Technology courses dovetailing with the growing needs of the kingdom in Petroleum and Petrochemical industries. The Department also offers tailor-made programs of flexible duration for industries to cater to the needs of industrial employees/ trainees at all levels. It has the vast experience of conducting such special programs for SABIC, PETRO RABIGH and SAFRA companies. Graduates of the CHET Department are well placed in the best of the kingdom’s reputed industries and a good number of them successfully secured admissions to graduate schools and universities abroad. The faculty members of CHET Department take initiative and concerted efforts for intense interaction with the neighboring industrial establishments and other stakeholders.

البرامج المقدمة

Since 1991, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Technology courses were a part of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology Department. However, due to the increasing number of students taking these courses, the Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Technology (EIET) Department was established as a separate entity in 2011.

The EIET department imparts knowledge and skills that enable Saudi youth to assume entry level positions in the industry. The programs being offered are for : Associate Degree of Science in Electronics Technology, Associate Degree of Science in Instrumentation and Control Technology, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology and Bachelor of Science in Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology.

البرامج المقدمة

The Department of Electrical Power Engineering Technology offers unique accredited programs of excellent quality at Associate and Bachelor level. The Department also offers tailor-made programs of flexible duration in consultation with YTI to cater to the needs of the industry at different levels. It has the vast experience of conducting such special programs as it has done for SABIC, PETRO RABIGH, SEC, MARAFIQ, Arabian Cement company etc.

Graduates of the EPET Department programs are well placed in the kingdom’s reputed industries and a good number of them successfully secured admissions to graduate programs in reputed universities locally and abroad. The two engineering technology programs, namely, Associate of Science in Electrical Power Technology and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Power Engineering Technology, are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET Inc.

البرامج المقدمة

The department of Geomatics Engineering Technology (GET) is one of the major engineering technology departments in Yanbu Industrial College. GET department was established in 2006 due to high demand from the industries located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The students are not only exposed to the latest engineering technologies, but also get a strong base of knowledge leading them to a bright and sustainable career. Geomatics Technology program is a pioneering academic discipline in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GET department is the leader in engineering technology education in Saudi Arabia and stays competitive by its excellent faculty, staff, students, facilities and program.

Geomatics is a growing engineering and information technology field that comprises of the collection, analysis, modeling, mapping, interpretation, distribution, management, and use of geo-spatial data; data identified according to its location relative to Earth surface; data collected using land, marine, airborne and satellite-based sensors through surveys for mapping the Earth surface. In other words, Geomatics is the synergy of multiple disciplines, namely surveying Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Cartography, Global Positioning System (GPS) and geodesy. Geomatics technology is fundamental to all disciplines, which use data identified by their locations. The diversity and new technology involved in Geomatics add flavor to the excitement of studying process. Students have the opportunity to pursue a variety of interests within the Geomatics disciplines including working outdoors and indoors.

الرامج المقدمة

The Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology started its Manufacturing Technology program in 1991 and Mechanical Maintenance Technology program in 1994 because of an enormous demand for graduates in these fields from the local industry. In 2005, the Bachelor degree program in Mechanical Engineering Technology was introduced by the MET department that has a long record of academic achievements, manifested by its commitment to excellence in practical teaching and hands on training experiences, meeting the requirements of all the stakeholders of the program. The fundamental objectives of Mechanical Engineering Technology department are to provide appropriate technical training to the students to cover the industrial requirements for competent manpower. The department has a pool of highly specialized team of faculty members and extensive collaboration with many leading universities all around the world.

البرامج المقدمة

The programs offered at the Management Science-Industrial Management Technology department (MS-IMT) involve the application of both practical and conceptual knowledge. In the booming Saudi Arabian economy, organizations are seeking to meet business challenges and their future increasingly depends on the ability of their staff. Gaining management qualification opens doors to new opportunities. Previously two separate divisions, the Department of Management Sciences (MS) and the Industrial Management Technology (IMT) department joined hands to form a Business and Management Science department. The MS-IMT Department offers Associate Degree (AD) as well as Bachelors Degree (BS) programs in diverse fields which open up numerous opportunities for our students. These programs are carefully designed to serve not only the local industry but also the talent requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a whole. The MS-IMT department portfolio includes bachelor degree programs in Management Information Systems (MIS), Business Management (BM), Accounting, Industrial Management (IM) and recently introduced Supply Chain Management. The students joining BS in Business Management can major in Human Resource Management, or in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. The department portfolio also includes three Associate Degree programs in Materials Management Technology (MMT), Office Management Technology (OMT) and Accounting & Financial Management Technology (AFMT). The students of these Associate Degree programs have the option to register into BS programs if they choose to further their education. The Associate degree programs of MSIMT Department are accredited with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), whereas BS programs are partially accredited.

البرامج المقدمة

The Management Science discipline involves the investigation, development and application of solutions to real managerial and organisational problems, using mathematics, project management, analytical thinking, and information systems design. These solutions involve computerization, information systems and organisational change that are relevant and critical to the operations of any organisation. It requires in-depth knowledge of the industry and operations business areas.

The Department of Management Science offers various undergraduate degree programs which will provide you with the logical, mathematical, project management, analytical thinking, and information systems and technology skills that are highly demanded by the industry. Our graduates have been offered positions in well-established organisations in industry across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They currently hold professional positions in top companies like SABIC, Saudi Airlines, and Royal Commission Medical Center. The Department of Management Science is currently pursuing the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business School Programs) accreditation for all of its programs. Besides the common facilities used to offer the programs, the department also has a dedicated room for activities related to the senior year project.

البرامج المقدمة

A degree in Information and Computer Technology (ICT) opens the door to anywhere you want to go. All corporations across the world utilize the skills taught in this department to fill various positions. Our teaching and project work are supported by state-of-the-art computer laboratory facilities which provide students with hands-on practical experience.

The programs at ICT department have the objective to teach both Computer Science and Computer Technology courses. Our associate degree programs prepare students to implement, support and troubleshoot computer systems, information technology and computer network and obtain employment as an IT professional.

البرامج المقدمة

The programs of the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department provide students an excellent foundation in knowledge and skills, keeping them abreast of developments in the dynamic field of computer science. The department also provides its graduates an opportunity to build communication skills and gain an understanding of teamwork. In addition to regular computer labs, the Department runs specialist Networking, Robotics and Microelectronics Labs. There is a special focus on the quality of our core courses related to programming languages. The department uses software such as Arduino and Raspberry pi in the course delivery. We believe that demonstrating how the physical world can be controlled through computing generates great interest in the capabilities of programming. Our faculty members have developed and presented projects involving Arduino and raspberry pi to control physical elements remotely through a mobile web interface. Some of our students have also taken up the task of teaching their peers about programming Arduino. The CSE department encourages collaborative efforts from the students while engaging in project development and encourage them to form scientific clubs and promote activities that foster learning.

البرامج المقدمة

Applied Linguistics is concerned with the systematic study of language structure, the acquisition of first and subsequent languages, the role of language in communication, and the status of language as the product of particular cultures and other social groups. A background in linguistics is essential for language teachers, translators, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and many other language professionals.

The Department of Applied Linguistics at the YUC Women’s Campus has attracted and retained outstanding faculty who are committed to teaching and mentoring students, and providing the learning environment necessary for students to develop lifelong learning strategies together with the skills they need when they graduate.With the increased awareness of the high academic quality of the program coupled with the diversity of careers it qualifies its students for the number of students majoring in Applied Linguistics is rising dramatically. In the near future, the Applied Linguistics Department plans to introduce a bachelor degree program in translation. In addition, the department also offers English for Specific Purposes, or ESP courses, to freshman, sophomore and junior students majoring in other subjects.

البرامج المقدمة

Interior design combines aesthetics and technology in the total design of interior environments, which includes programming, space planning, finish materials, fabrics, furniture, and lighting. It is an exciting field that requires dedication, hard work and the acquirement of an extensive knowledge base that reaches far beyond basic rearranging of furnishings.

Interior design allows the professional to work with clients to reconfigure space and improve its use as well as select appropriate colours, textures, materials, etc. to create innovative and beautiful environments that take into consideration the health, safety and welfare of the occupants or users of the space.

YUC strives to provide excellence in interior design education in a student-centered environment. The curriculum, innovative graphic technologies, and learning methods contribute to the development of a broad and in-depth knowledge of interior design. The department and faculty are committed to preparing students to practice interior design in the 21st century and to equipping them with the most current knowledge and skills, so that they may take up leadership positions in the future. Our goal at YUC is to inspire students who will go on to shape how interior design will add value in an increasingly complex national and indeed, global, marketplace.

The changing political, economic, and social climate in Saudi Arabia is moving toward providing increased employment opportunities for women. The Interior Design program at YUC provides learning experiences that can enable women to pursue careers in interior design and related areas such as the manufacturing of design-related products. This degree broadens the role of women in the workforce and contributes to the economic development of Saudi Arabia. It offers numerous opportunities and job positions within the field both here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

البرامج المقدمة

The Department of General Studies is one of the supporting departments of the college. The department provides services in several disciplines which are Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Islamic Culture and Physical Education. These disciplines equip the students with analytical thinking, Problem solving, modeling, Computing, measurements, physical fitness, and spiritual transcendence. Physics and Chemistry Labs are well equipped. Our faculty comprises about 50 well qualified academia. Most of them are M.Sc., M.Phil. and PhD. degree holders.The department is serving as the backbone for various engineering disciplines within the college.