Computer Club



To be at a high level among the local community through the distribution of information awareness in a framework that combines science, culture, and technology.



To spread knowledge in the field of information technology and help to use the computer productively so that it can enhance and enrich the skills of students including the exchange of ideas and information.


Message from the Computer Club Leader

The Computer Club at Yanbu University College gives computer science and computer engineering students the interest and the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities through the distinguished programs offered by the club to its members and the society in general in various fields as well as through the contact with experts and participation in most computer-related activities. All this is done in a flexible environment away from the classroom atmosphere and routine. I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and appreciation to the Head of Computer Department at Yanbu University College Dr. Yousuf Almoallem and all staff for the great effort they are making to promote the club in order to achieve its vision, mission, and goals.


Leader of Computer Club: 

Abdultawwab Safarji (email:


Objectives of the Computer and Information Technology Club:

  • Attracting outstanding students in computer and information technology to be members of the club.
  • Developing training capacities in computer and information technology among students.
  • Supporting students with excellent skills - regular and weak according to their level and appropriate in the computer and information technology (organizational, material and moral) within the university and raise their professional and personal level in the same field.
  • Holding courses, seminars, lectures and specialized workshops in computer and information technology.
  • To give full opportunity to all members of the club to participate in the programs of the computer club and information technology multiple throughout the academic year.
  • Meeting invitations to represent the university inside and outside the Kingdom and participate in local, regional and international exhibitions of special competence.
  • The real and serious quest towards obtaining all students and distinguished in particular in the computer and information technology certificates certified by official bodies in the same field.
  • Honoring outstanding students of computer and information technology and their distinction at the university level.
  • To instill the spirit of cooperation among students and to develop the values ​​of social and collective work.
  • Contribute to the service of the educational process in all faculties of the university through training services and consultations provided them in the field of computer and information technology.
  • Expanding the students' scientific and mental awareness, creating their creative spirit, adopting distinguished students, refining them and discovering their abilities.
  • Motivate students to socialize, work and collaborate with others.
  • To identify the benefits of the computer and its possibilities and service to all aspects of life.