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The Education Development Center (EDC) offers a range of professional development programs
to all faculty members in the sector. The major aim of the center is to equip all faculty members
with the appropriate skills and attributes required for classroom teaching and to update the
existing faculty with emerging professional development needs. The resulting emphasis of the
professional development programs is to improve the quality of instruction and active involvement
of learners in learning. Hence EDC collaborates with educators and instructional design experts
by sourcing or creating new technologies to be used in classroom instruction.

The center has delivered its high quality programs alongside with its partners - Polytechnic
Institute New Zealand (PINZ) and German Malaysian Institute (GMI).

PINZ with its training providers from Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) &
Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) have conducted series of active learning workshops
such as Teaching Learning Methods, Assessment Drives Learning and Design for Effective
Learning. Besides, the WINTEC conducted a specially tailored program for Heads of Departments
and future leaders to address strategies and challenges for RCYCI leaders.

The German Malaysian Institute provided three training programs: Problem based learning;
Project based learning and Final Year Project Management. The programs suit to the rising
needs of 21st century students that expose the faculty members to instructional methods in
which students learn through facilitated problem solving and managing projects assigned to
students. In addition, the EDC offers Just-in-time workshops and seminars relevant to teaching
and learning conducted by local and international experts.

The management of the Education Development Center intends to invite teaching & learning
experts from inland and abroad to share their experiences with a view to benefitting the teaching
community at large. In the future the center is launching relevant online learning programs to be
offered to the entire faculty members.