Importance of Establishing the E-Learning Directorate:

The establishment of the E-Learning Directorate at the EDCI comes as an important step towards keeping pace with the ongoing technological advancement in the field of education and in creating a quantum transformation from classic teaching methodologies to the digital ones by implementing world-class learning management systems, and providing training and full technical support to the users. Furthermore, the Directorate is set to work on the mechanisms for introducing synchronous and asynchronous interactive learning systems to the sector using the Internet technology that provides direct interaction between students and teachers. 


Being the pioneers in the use of technology for enhancing the digital transformation for developing and improving the teaching and learning processes. 


Providing high-quality eLearning opportunities by integrating the modern teaching and evaluation techniques developed for more efficient and effective educational processes through digital transformation and by harnessing advanced technical and technological capabilities in developing the teaching and staff and students’ skills in solving different problems by better analyzing, planning , communication, cooperation and collaboration. 


  • To raise faculty and students’ awareness about the concept of e-learning and about the pressing need to use it in improving the teaching and learning processes.
  • Creating an e-learning environment that stimulates students’ learning and that makes teaching and learning more flexible without any time and/or space boundaries.
  • Adding the technical dimension to the curriculum by facilitating the digital management of educational materials in terms of occasional preparation, modification and evaluation of the curriculum.
  • Providing and developing a variety of diversified educational resources that take into consideration the individual differences among learners.
  • Providing the necessary training, development, technical support and capacity building to improve faculty and students’ performance.
  • Enhancing the implementation of international standards and best practices in online and e-learning fields.