The department of Geomatics Engineering Technology (GET) is one of the major engineering technology departments in Yanbu Industrial College. GET department was established in 2006 due to high demand from the industries located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The students are not only exposed to the latest engineering technologies, but also get a strong base of knowledge leading them to a bright and sustainable career. Geomatics Technology program is a pioneering academic discipline in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GET department is the leader in engineering technology education in Saudi Arabia and stays competitive by its excellent faculty, staff, students, facilities and program.

Geomatics is a growing engineering and information technology field that comprises of the collection, analysis, modeling, mapping, interpretation, distribution, management, and use of geo-spatial data; data identified according to its location relative to Earth surface; data collected using land, marine, airborne and satellite-based sensors through surveys for mapping the Earth surface. In other words, Geomatics is the synergy of multiple disciplines, namely surveying Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Cartography, Global Positioning System (GPS) and geodesy. Geomatics technology is fundamental to all disciplines, which use data identified by their locations. The diversity and new technology involved in Geomatics add flavor to the excitement of studying process. Students have the opportunity to pursue a variety of interests within the Geomatics disciplines including working outdoors and indoors.