1- Business Services:

  • Assist in preparing a plan of action and feasibility study for the project;
  • Assist in developing the strategies for marketing and communication;
  • Assist in developing the strategies for funding and long-term business plans;
  • Market support services, such as project website development.

2- Advisor Services:

  • Assist in the establishment and registration of the company.
  • Project plan development.
  • Manage and organize a feasibility study for the project.
  • Marketing and communication strategies.

3- Technical Services:

The project owner at the center can take advantage of the facilities and technical workshops available at Yanbu Technical Institute, and can also get professional advice from the specialists at the institute.

4- Training Services:

The center offers the necessary training for business leaders on how to conduct their companies and how to execute the project’s different business areas or axes, whether within or outside the center.

4- Business Center Office Services:

  • Office equipped with PC, telephone, and internet access.
  • Secretarial, typing, photocopying, and fax services.
  • Meeting room and presentation hall.
  • Other logistic services as required for the project.