What Our Students say

Arwa Abed
2017 Graduate

Studying at YUC Interior design department was a rich experience for me at so many levels. It provided a supportive environment for me to study and to expand my knowledge. Encouraging and experienced instructors were helping and supporting me even after I graduated. The curriculum is practical and prepares you to take off with your working career after graduation.You will work on variety of design programs that willmake you standout as a designer between after graduating.

Razan Bamufleh
2020 Graduate

The interior design program and instructors of YUC have influenced my design persona in both technical and conceptual ways. The extra-curricular activities "DesArt committee" is in itself student empowerment since it's student-
oriented focuses on improving students' skills. It has fueled my experience and passion for design in cohesive collaboration. The interior design research unit was instrumental in my success, as they were encouraging and highly
supportive of my research by providing guidance and fair resources.

Randa AlGhamdi
Current Student

Since the day I joined YUC and until this day the Interior Design Department has encouraged me to build a whole new perspective of my surroundings and Developing a 360 degree point of view. From ancient history to futuristic world expectations, from small details in the fine lines that defines beauty in science to simple artistic pieces. Thrilled to be part of IDE family

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