Industrial Process Plant Operator

Program Description

A process operator technician monitors, adjusts, operates, and maintains processing units and equipment in industrial process plants. The Industrial Process Plant Operator (IPPO) program prepares graduates for entry-level into a career as a process operator position. The IPPO program provides basic knowledge and skills required to become a successful process technician. Trainees receive workplace safety training at the beginning of the program, with safety principles reinforced throughout every course and technical task in the program.

Vision, Mission, and Goals


To be one of the leading diploma programs offering high quality training in the field of process technology.


The mission of the Industrial Process Plant Operator program is to prepare trainees to perform professionally in the field by equipping them with relevant knowledge, skills and competencies.



  1. To be recognized as an accredited Industrial Process Plant Operator diploma program in the country.
  2. To graduate competent and employable process technology technicians for the job market
  3. To equip the graduates with necessary knowledge and skills to pursue higher studies and stay current with technology.
  4. To equip with a sense of social, ethical and environmental responsibility towards profession and community.


Career opportunities:

Students who successfully complete this program have various career options, including the following:

       Chemical process Operator;

       Power Plant Process Operator;

       Refinery Process Operator;

       Petrochemical Process Operator;

       Beverage Process Operator;

       Pharmaceutical Process Operator.