Planning & Development Directorate

Established as one of the core drivers of strategic undertakings of the division, the directorate has sought to move forward, providing diverse solutions to the challenges all educational entities face, providing our institutions with the tools to meet the needs of our stakeholders. Working to the current strategic objectives of the Royal Commission at Yanbu, the directorate is committed to ensuring that shared services are both efficient and channeled in the most effective way to produce performance led results.

Planning & Development Directorate (PDCI) is comprised of several units, brought together to provide coordinated, consistent and comprehensive services and customized solutions to the educational entities in RCYCI division. The directorate is committed to achieve the strategic objectives of the Royal Commission at Yanbu, by ensuring that shared services are efficient and channeled in such a way that produce performance led results.

The directorate consists of  Quality Assurance & Accreditation Department, Curriculum Development Department, Planning Department , Educational Development Center, and  Learning resource Center. These units help, guide and assist in development of high quality curricula to address the ever-changing pedagogical needs, align planning process of the RCYCI division as per Royal Commission strategic plan and set key performance indicators, develop and implement quality management system, provide specialized services in professional development, and facilitate the educational, research and technological activities of the RCYCI community by providing the innovative information resources and services.

The Planning and Development Directorate is dedicated to advancing the successful application of our strategic goals and initiatives, making sure our graduates have the competitive edge required to make a difference to both their workplace and the community. Recent achievements been driven by learner-centered strategies initiated by the Education Development Center; efforts to strengthen the division further by the addition of an ISO-certified Quality management system, and other major initiatives to build continuous improvement into the fabric of our institutions.