The Electronics, Electrical, and Instrumentation Skills Department (EEISD) have 18 faculty members. Out of these, one faculty member holds a doctoral degree, ten hold masters, and 7 hold a B.Sc. degree in the field of Electrical, Electronics, and Instrumentation Engineering.

Name Qualification Designation Office Email
Eng. Amro Bin Saeed Bagasi Master HOD-EEISD 4F-02
Eng. Labib Zawra Master Lecturer 5F-02
Dr. Mahmoud Abaza Master HOD-Planning 1G-36
Mr. Muhammad Kamran Usmani Master Planning Specialist 1G-34
Eng. Ahmed Ali Master Lecturer 4F-27B
Eng. Peer Mohamed Bathusha Master Lecturer 4F-27A
Eng. Venkatesh P. Balakrishnan Master Lecturer 5F-02
Eng. Mohammed Shukr Master Lecturer 4F-06
Eng. Nabil Shaukat Master Lecturer 4G-30
Mr. Suhaimi Abdul Rahman Bachelor Planning Specialist 1G-34
Eng. Hasan AlEsawi Bachelor Instructor 4F-06
Eng. Shahinsha Mahamood Bachelor Instructor 4G-30
Eng. Abdul Qadir Al Zahrani Bachelor Instructor 4F-06
Eng. Frederick V Generoso Master Instructor 4F-12
Eng. Mohmed Amjadulla Baig Master Instructor 1G-26 
Eng. Mohammed Abdullatif Bachelor Instructor 5F-02
Eng. Mohammed Misbah Uddin Bachelor Instructor 1G-26
Eng. Yusof Ahmed Bachelor Instructor 4G-30
Eng. Youssef Heidar Youssef Bachelor Instructor 4F-12
 Ahmed Mesfer Safer Alkhudaydi Master Lecturer
Ahmed shubaily Bachelor Instructor
Ahmed Mohammed Almasri Bachelor Instructor -
Rayan Abdullah Al-Hetershi Bachelor Instructor -