Yanbu Technical Institute

Training that shapes your future

The genesis of ​​training programs for companies began at Yanbu Industrial College in the late 20th century, through the establishment of the Department of Special Programs and Continuing Education in 1996.

In 2011 all training programs were relocated to the newly established entity, Yanbu Technical Institute (YTI), which became the official training arm of the sector at the Royal Commission.

Yanbu Technical Institute (YTI)  is currently situated on a 33,000 square meter site, which consists of technical work shops, state of the arts computer labs, testing facilities, conference rooms, and smart training classrooms to help achieve technical excellence, which is the primary goal of the Institute’s strategy. YTI can accommodate up to 1500 trainees, with adjacent separate dormitories.

The Institute operates with the strategy of providing relevant training that leads to gainful employment. YTI’s multiple training methodologies and paths provide flexibility to all programs that lead to professional certifications, specialized diplomas of multiple inputs and outputs, as well as skills-development training courses.

YTI selects its programs based on field studies, statistical surveys and analysis of the region and the community, and in collaboration with various governmental and private agencies, to fulfill the Institute’s objective to build and strengthen relationships with industry and the private sector to fulfill their training demands.