Basic Skills Department is an academic department of YTI which offers foundational courses to trainees in the first year, called Basic Skills year, of their stay at YTI. Though English is given importance over other courses in terms of the number of contact hours, the other courses of the department introduce the trainees to a variety of subjects like Basic Arithmetic, Workshop Practice, Health and safety, Workplace Behavior, Basic Computer Knowledge etc. In short, the courses in the Basic Skills year prepare the trainees for the second year wherein they will be exposed to courses related to their major.


The department, in addition to offering courses in the Basic Skills year, also offers complete 2 year diploma programs on Accounting, Human Resources, Material Management and Office Management, with an aim to meet the local industrial demand for jobs related to these programs, with a firm resolve to   provide quality education on par with international standards and with a greater emphasis on social and cultural values.




Computer Labs installed with licensed software related to English courses, Office management Courses, Computer Application Courses, and so on.


A Drafting lab which is used to teach engineering drafting to the students


Another lab for workshop practices where bench fitting is taught as part of our Courses



Students wanting to leave after the foundation year can get a certificate in "Industrial Basic Skills Year Technician"

Students who successfully completed the  two year Office Management program can get the certificate " Diploma in Industrial Office Management Technician "



After successfully completing the Basic Skills Year, the graduate will be qualified for one of the following jobs:


• Prentice works levels

• Technician in a Technical Field after continuing his major study plan


After successfully completing the training period in the Office Management Program, the graduate will be qualified for one of the following  jobs:


The Industrial Office Management Asst. program prepares the students to work as support personnel to officers, supervisors and managers in the area of office management and also in secretarial work, office finance and Human Resource Management. The graduates can work as a receptionist, typist, word processing operator, secretary, file organizer, administrative assistant, government clerk, payroll clerk, general clerk, accounting clerk, bank-teller clerk, data entry clerk, office assistant and legal assistant.