Welcome to Yanbu Technical Institute!

The Yanbu Technical Institute, which operates under the umbrella of the Royal Commission Colleges and Institutes at Yanbu (RCYCI), has been established to offer technical and vocational education and training programs/courses as well as professional certifications to the community of Yanbu Al-Sinayia, including RCYCI, and prospective clients who reside outside Yanbu city. Our internationally recognized institute provides a wide range of courses/degree programs through the following departments:

-          Mechanical Skills Department

-          Electric, Electronics and Instruments Skills Department

-          Chemical Skills Department

-          Industrial Management Skills Department

We also offer a variety of professional certifications and training sessions on:

-            Project management Institute (PMI)

-          AutoDisk

-          Highfield

 We are also a certified training as well as an assessment center for

-          Microsoft Academy (MS)

-          LabView Academy

-          NCCER approved assessment center

-          ARAMCO approved assessment center

In line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to accelerate smart city deployment in Saudi Arabia, a milestone agreement has been signed with Huawei- a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider- to establish a training academy and a smart city innovation center in YTI.

Our highly qualified, certified, experienced and culturally diverse faculty members, together with our well-equipped classrooms, labs, workshops, and training halls, have created at YTI an environment conducive to technical and professional training and education. We strongly believe that 'a society flourishes' when trainees/learners take individual responsibility for constantly adapting to the needs of the labor market. Our project-based, problem-based and learner-centered curricula are designed to foster the culture of 'learning how to learn’ at YTI. So, join us, and make your experience of technical and professional training and education both unique and rewarding.