YUC Vision & Mission

    Vision: To be a leading institute in providing applied education that meets the needs of the industry.

    Mission: We are committed to prepare skillful and professional graduates to the stakeholders, by leading, operating, and adding the body of knowledge in the field of applied education.


1-      Provide accredited programs to empower the industries.

2-      Ascertain continuous improvement through active collaboration with the industries

3-      Ensure Effective and sustainable partnerships for community development.


1-      Integrity

2-      Commitment

3-      Excellence

4-      Teamwork

      Graduate Attributes and Educational Philosophy

Graduate Attributes:

1-      Lifelong learning: ability to foster active and sustainable learning capabilities through inquisitive and reflective practices.

2-      Teamwork and social skills: ability to communicate and collaborate with individuals, and within teams.

3-      Ethical and Professional competency: ability to act with informed awareness of issues and participate in professional life through leadership.

4-      Autonomous and responsible: ability to apply knowledge and skills with responsibility and accountability.

5-      Job-readiness: ability to be dynamic at profession, backed up with relevant theoretical and practical disciplinary knowledge.


Educational Philosophy:

Our Educational Philosophy is founded on the university’s vision to be a “leading educational institution by offering diverse and unique academic programs”.

We strive to create an environment conductive to learning wherein students are both able and willing to learn. The programs offered provide optimal opportunities for active and continuous learning. Our programs are designed and developed to stimulate creativity, encourage critical reflection and foster self-learning capabilities in our graduates. We have an interactive platform for students and faculty to participate in the process of improving the teaching and learning process.

Commitment to continuous program evaluation and review by industry and academic experts to meet stakeholder’s expectation is an ongoing process across all programs we offer.

We believe that learning is not finite and as a result, creating an educational environment that promotes lifelong learning is essential. Students are encouraged to be inquisitive and reflective in practice, through information literacy and autonomous, self-managed learning while at the same time gaining the ability to work independently and professionally.

We believe that it is important for students to have the ability to communicate and collaborate with individuals, and within teams, in professional and community settings.

      We believe that all graduates must be ethical, professional, and accountable in their career and show commitment tosustainability in social and professional practices.           

      Consequently, this will give them the ability to be dynamic and prepared for employment in complex and ever-changing environment.